Brad Stevens

The friendly face of local law enforcement (arrendek)(Screwtaped by CraigM)


Cunning 2 * / Patient 2
Greed 1, Generosity 2
Espionage 0, Knowledge 0

Sly 0 / Open 4
Cruelty 2, Courage 3
Cowardice 0, Endurance 3

Devious 3 / Insightful 1
Corruption 3, Nurture 0
Deceit 3, Honesty 0

Demon: Brimstone
At first glance his appearance is decieving. A pallid yellow skin with eyes the color of ichor, his body hold mutable secrets. His pockmarked skin may at first glance seem sickly and weak, but closer inspection shows that hi skin is of the very texture of the rock from which he was spewed. When provoked he can either embody this hardness, or transform, growing jets of yellow green fire. The dark crevaces from which he looks draw those who stare too long into a void from which there is no escape.

Power, domination, are what he desires. Either through force or despair, he seeks to bend others to his will. Who needs manipulation when you have force and intimidation.

Flame-Wreathed (Devious)
Carapace (Sly)

That Hideous Strength (Cruelty)
Body Control (Deceit)

Rule Summary here


28, Caucasian (4th generation American, back to the grandparents it’s a mix of European heritage)
School Resource Officer

Sounds like we’ll need some muscle with all these smarty whatsits around. Even the janitor sounds like he has a degree in something or other fer chrissakes. There’s a lot of bad hombres in this neighborhood, I gotta be ready for anything they throw at me. That’s why I stay trained as much as I can, even though I’ll probably only be using this stupid taser on the bad kids and neighborhood drug dealers. “Don’t tase me bro!!” they’ll shout… Hahhahahahah, classic! But, it’s actually pretty tame around here most of the time, and the kids are usually pretty nice to me. I can’t complain much, and I guess I prefer it quiet. It sucked working the beat, and I need to make sure that the worthwhile kids around here are safe from all the predators outside and inside.

Any family in the area?
My family is over in Denver. I came this way chasing a girl I thought I loved who didn’t have the damn decency to let me know that she didn’t love me back until afterwards. I’ve got a girlfriend in town, Alice. She’s sweet on me but if it lasts a year I’ll be surprised. I don’t know if it’s the job or what but they never last long.

Why do you work in your current job?
Work’s work. I’m not fit for much else and these kids need me.

If you could do anything for a living, what would you do?
Two women at the same time.

If you had super powers, what person would you be tempted to tell? Who, specifically, would you make sure to hide it from?
I mean, if I was invincible then I’d make sure all the dirt bags around here knew who they were dealing with. Scare ‘em off. But if it was some stupid power like talking to dolphins or something, I’d keep that to myself. Maybe impress the ladies every now and then. But anyways, the guys down at the precinct, they couldn’t know anything either way it went. If they got wind that I was getting too big for my britches, I’d get my ass busted back down to the beat in a second. That or they’d throw me at the real tough shit.

If you had unlimited power, what group of people would benefit? Who would suffer under your rule?
You better believe this city would respect law and order. I’d just start throwing drug dealers into the sun or whatever. Due process, my ass. Let the lawyers get all pissy if they want, I’d just take care of god damn business.

To whom do you owe a debt?
There’s this dude at my precinct that I’ve been friends with, Micky. He’s the one who hooked me up with this position. I can’t thank him enough and if he needed something, I’d drop whatever to help him out.

Who owes you something? What is it?
The whole school owes my ass something. I’ve been stopping these jackholes from the ghetto around here from getting in every day. Well, at least walking around with a gun on my hip seems to work, I haven’t exactly had to go mano e mano with anyone. I did draw down on a drunk hobo once.

What’s your pet peeve?
Drug dealers? I dunno, is that a peeve? Umm, I guess it’s people giving me lip. I’ve had to bust a few asses around here to stop that shit.

Are you religious?
I tell my folks that I am, at least. But no, I only go to Church on Christmas or when my girlfriend makes me.

Superpowers are real and you regularly hear about people who have them. The heroes dispense justice swiftly and on their own terms. The villains take what they want and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Politically, how do you feel about the super-powered?
The heroes, well, I hope they bust some heads open. “Git ’em!” I say. The villains? It’s a damn shame anyone would do that, but I don’t pretend to know why there are bad people out there, only that there’s a bunch.

You need the school to stay open. Why?
Because I don’t want to have to go back to walking the beat.

Brad Stevens

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