María Romero Carvajal

History teacher from Spain (Juan Raigada)(Screwtaped by Madmarcus)


Cunning 1 / Patient 1
Greed 1 Espionage 0 Generosity 0 Knowledge 3

Sly 2 / Open 2
Cruelty 1 cowardice 2 Courage 3 Endurance 1

Devious 5 / Insightful 2
Corruption 0 Deceit 3 Nurture 1 Honesty 1

Specialty: None. While she teaches history, it’s been a long while and she’s definitely not an expert. Knows more than most, but nothing special.

Glory: When you transform into a form of Glory, you may look beautiful or terrible or more likely both. You get a bonus to social actions based on your Devious.
Ghost Form: You can switch Ghost Form off and reactivate it once per scene for every point you have in Devious. It takes an action to solidify or to pass out of phase, though you don’t need to roll anything. At the end of the scene, Ghost Form wears off even if you didn’t use up all your changes.

Oracle:You can ask the GM one question about the future or the best move for your character in a certain situation, then roll Devious Knowledge. Succeed, and I tell you directly. Fail, and I tell your demon instead and you get to bargain with them if you want to know it. It will not necessarily be straightforward and easily interpreted, regardless. It’s prophecy, after all.
Alchemy: When it’s used for attack, you can roll Cunning Greed as an attack pool. You can’t improve this with a weapon, but it has a range about equal to a pistol.
Any time you use Generosity to buy someone off or bribe him, you can use one die in the pool as a Master Die, as long as your Greed is equal to or greater than your Generosity.


39 years
Spanish teacher (that is a teacher form Spain, actually I do teach History and currently Spanish to 13 years old kids, but only because the usual teacher is on sick leave)

Any family in the area?
No. I left Spain 16 months ago on a working teaching visa tied to the Brighter Futures school. My sister is planning a visit soon, though. That’s going to be something…

Why do you work in your current job?
Well, it’s complicated… See, I thought I had a good live back in Spain. I had been teaching History at high school level for years and gotten comfortably used to the job. decent pay, lived in a big city and had an average social life. And a boyfriend. Felipe.

Fuck him.

He left me. No warning, just had the conversation one morning over breakfast. It was not because he met another woman (I know what you are thinking, but it really wasn’t) or a man or anything like that. He just stopped caring for me. Yeah, you would think it would feel better than being cheated on. But it doesn’t, it really doesn’t. I made me feel old, and unloved, and really angry.

I tried the usual. Alcohol, social work, going out… But nothing seemed to work. The comfortable and even likeable job became unbearable, and things were really going badly. I was seeing a shrink and doing everything I could to keep afloat, but I was just not happy anymore, no matter what I tried. I wasn’t depressed, mind you, or at least not clinically so, but I was a mess.

After a year or so of this personal hell, it became clear I needed a change. Leaving friends and family (specially my mother) wasn’t easy, but I always liked the United States (been there on holidays several times) and the chance to work there for some years (the visa is for 3 years) sounded like what I needed.

So far it’s working ok. I’m sort of reconnecting with teaching (I still don’t find the joy in it I used to, but it’s not too bad, I no longer shout at students) and the busyness of trying to get a grasp on a different education system keeps my mind from drifting to Felipe.

Fuck him.

If you could do anything for a living, what would you do?
I don’t know, probably try to be a Doctor in some third world country or something, but that’s just a fantasy. I always thought it would be nice (and feel good) to help people, but while I have done my share of social work (and teaching can be seen as helping people if you squint hard enough) it’s not who I really am. I don’t really think I can do much more than teach, honestly. Too late to change career.

And I wouldn’t like to not have to work either. Wouldn’t know what to do with my time.

If you had super powers, what person would you be tempted to tell? Who, specifically, would you make sure to hide it from?
Oooh, that would be cool, wouldn’t it? I dunno, I think I would tell my sister. We always share everything, and she did her best after Felipe left to help me (not that it did much, but I do love her for trying). Oh, I would probably tell Felipe. Fuck him. I’m sure he would be jealous.

I wouldn’t tell my mother, though. She’s too old and I’m unsure she would take the news well.

If you had unlimited power, what group of people would benefit? Who would suffer under your rule?
Hahaha, this is a fun question. What is this form for again?

Anyway, I don’t know, I guess good people would benefit and bad people suffer, like really suffer. There are enough assholes out there that should try some of their own medicine.

Oh, and Felipe wouldn’t be happy, let me tell you.

This is a weird question. It’s not going to happen anyway.

To whom do you owe a debt? (Think creatively: it doesn’t just have to be money.)
The school principal. I mean, there were many teacher visa applications and he chose me (and I admit my application was decent, but certainly not the best, due to my state of mind at the time). I’m doing so much better now and I owe it to him. I’ve let him know several times already, but I stopped when I suspected he thought I was hitting on him. I don’t want any misunderstandings, and I definitely don’t want a relationship. I’m done with those.

Who owes you something? What is it?
Well, this is confidential, isn’t it?

Mmmm, ok, see above in the application where I say I’m teaching Spanish because the teacher got sick? Well, she did get sick voluntarily, through the process of ingesting an inordinate amount of alcohol at the bar three days ago. She smashed her head when she fell on her way out and we spent the night on the Hospital. Everything very embarrassing, specially on a Monday night with class the next day. Anyway, she will be back as soon as her face swells down, probably Monday next week. But I have covered for her so that other teachers (and the principal) don’t know of her slightly excessive drinking.

What’s your pet peeve?
Men who face middle life crisis, behave like kids and leave their partners in a rush to feel young again.

Fuck them.

Are you religious?
Yeah. Don’t go to mass anymore, but I’m Catholic, and I do somewhat believe in the Church teachings, but in the laid back way people my age do back home. I do think there’s Good and Evil in this world, though. I wish I could more squarely place myself in the good camp (I can’t really), but I think I’m doing decent enough.

Superpowers are real and you regularly hear about people who have them. The heroes dispense justice swiftly and on their own terms. The villains take what they want and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Politically, how do you feel about the super-powered?
I don’t know, what’s up with all these superpowers questions?

I guess heroes are cool, at least they are trying to improve things, aren’t they? That has to count for something. Maybe they should conform to the rule of law a little bit more, but who can blame them? There also are super-bads out there, so somebody ought to do something.

It would be cool to be a super hero, I guess.

You need the school to stay open. Why?
Eh, I don’t want to go back. REALLY don’t. REALLY REALLY don’t. I’m still a little screwed up, but doing much better, and going back to my former job and facing my friends (Felipe’s friends too) and my mother and her questions is a little bit too much now. I like it here, even if I still don’t fully fit.

Who do you love unconditionally
My sister. Hands down. She’s the best and she does get me and who I am.

She’s coming next week to spend a month in the US. Did I tell you that? Man, I’m psyched! (although I worry she would want to go shopping a lot and my job doesn’t pay that well, plus the apartment rent is obscene, despite the cockroaches)

Unlike any other voice in your head this one seems to come with a feeling of a cold mass. Which is weird because how can a voice in your head have mass?

I think we will have fun together lady. I am a lord of riches and luxury but you should just call me Manuel. Now who are these screaming ones around us and why are we letting them be so chaotic? I see from your thoughts that they normally obey you. We could do that now you know. Or we could leave.

Oddly enough you realize that you could command the students or just float away unnoticed if you but said you wanted to.

María Romero Carvajal

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