Alex Gibson

Neuroscientist holding down a menial job and tending his wife under mysterious circumstances (Misguided) (Screwtaped by Juan_Raigada)


Demon: The Leecher

Cunning 0 / Patient 2
Greed 5 Espionage 0 Generosity 0 Knowledge 5

Sly 0 / Open 2
Cruelty 4 Cowardice 0 Courage 0 Endurance 0

Devious 3 / Insightful 4
Corruption 3 Deceit 1 Nurture 0 Honesty 0

Specialty: Neuroscience

Darkness Shrouded

Dark Ritual

Non-Euclidean (Devious): You temporarily transform into a floating cloud of impossible omni-dimensional eye-bending shapes that constantly congeal and divide. In terms of function, it lets you use Devious or Cunning on rolls that would normally use Sly, and you take physical damage on Knowledge or Nurture (you pick, but only one per invocation of the Aspect).

Darkness-Shrouded (Devious) You can summon a field of supernatural darkness, an inky cloud that descends like clinical depression and envelops you, your minions and any allies you graciously permit to shelter beneath it. It’s selective. To you and a few people you approve, things just look a little darker, like wearing sunglasses. To everyone else, it’s like midnight under a cloudy sky. The cloud is about ten feet tall and radiates out ten feet from you for every point of Devious you have. If you get to Devious 4, you can stretch the shadows to cover a 40-foot radius, with you in the middle.

For every point of Devious, you can permit another person to see through the darkness. (If you have Devious 3, you and three others can navigate the shroud unimpeded.) You and your allies get +1 surprise Advantage on any physical actions taken against enemies who are also within the shroud. No one can get a surprise bonus on an attack against you, or your protected allies, if they strike from outside the cloud. If they have no means of seeing through the darkness, their attack is against Difficulty equal to your Devious.

Dark Ritual (Knowledge): You design a ritual – the Screwtape decides what the demon is obsessed with, and the human designs some sort of action that would take at least one round of combat to perform that would fulfill that obsession. Successfully narrate actions in keeping with the ritual and roll Devious Knowledge, and you get +1 advantage to all rolls for the remainder of the scene. It doesn’t stack and you can’t take it more than once.

Wither (Corruption) You grab someone (or something), shout “Feel your flesh writhe in the grip of malice!” and your victim’s arm or leg or face turns leprous and dry and shrivelly. Or grab a car and make it rust out, turn a thriving tree to a blasted deadfall, or corrode a painting into a cracked, faded mess. Wither is pretty good against inanimate objects and better at injuring humans. But since it leaves Courage alone, it’s less effective against supernatural enemies.

Make a Devious Corruption roll. This is a physical attack that only works on grappled victims. It cannot be improved with secret or weapon Advantages, though surprise works normally. When it hits, it moves a point of the victim’s Open into Sly, no matter the Width of the roll. Against an inanimate object, Wither does about as much damage as having a drunk driver smash an SUV into it at 35 mph. It can be dodged and blocked normally.


Alex looked down at the survey and sighed. There was always some kid at BFA distributing this nonsense, pretending they were conducting research. It’d be easy enough to toss it into the circular file, but they’d probably just hand him another while he was plunging a toilet.

Name: Alex Gibson

Age: 33

Any family in the area?

Occupation: Janitor

He laughed before he could help himself, then crossed it out and wrote ‘Sanitation Engineer’

How things have changed.

Why do you work in your current job?
Alex got up and stretched his legs, pacing around the cavernous room deep in the bowels of the Academy.

Funny story. Ya see I was crossing through the woods near the school on my way to an appointment and I saw this dude standing over a body choking the life out of it. Then I…

I what?

Broke my oath? Sold my soul? Saved a life?

Which was it? Or was it all three?

He crossed back over to the desk. He leaned over and wrote, “I just love garbage.”

If you could do anything for a living, what would you do?
None of your damn business

If you had super powers, what person would you be tempted to tell? Who, specifically, would you make sure to hide it from?
Seriously, who writes this crap?

I wouldn’t tell anybody, especially not the students. They’d all want me to do their homework or something.

If you had unlimited power, what group of people would benefit? Who would suffer under your rule?
The sick would benefit the most.
I could fix people again. No one would have to suffer anymore.

To whom do you owe a debt?
Who owes you something? What is it?
So, that guy standing over the body? He’s a science teacher here. And, I’m all like “Hey, what’s up?” And he’s like, “Oh, nothing much, just killin’ this chick.” And I’m like, “Oh, that’s cool, but you think when you’re done with her, I could have her brain?” And he’s all, “That’s pretty weird dude.” But I’m like, “Naw man, it’s cool, I need it for science. Nothin’ perverse or anything. By the way, got any place I could set up some lab equipment?”

What’s your pet peeve?
Prions. Who the heck do they think they are?

Are you religious?
No. I don’t want any part of a God that lets so many bad things happen to so many good people.

Superpowers are real and you regularly hear about people who have them. The heroes dispense justice swiftly and on their own terms. The villains take what they want and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Politically, how do you feel about the super-powered?
Politically, how do you feel about the legalization of marjuana?

You need the school to stay open. Why?
Because I love cleaning toilets!

Alex stood again and crossed over to where Sarah lay in her cocoon. He rested a hand on the glass and leaned down to touch his forehead to the chamber.

It worked, baby. At least, the stem cells halted the progression for now. I’m going to find a way to reverse the damage, I know it. Then we can get away somewhere. Put this all behind us. No more labs. No more grants. Just you and me in some tropical paradise.

We will leave the world behind.

I promise.

The Leecher
The Leecher is an extremely ancient demon that at one point was isolated from the mortal realm for so long that its form is now in continous shift, resembling nothing but a strange mess of shapes and darkness. Completely inhuman and hard to get a grasp on, really. Due to this, it also has obvious problems communicating efficiently. Its command of language is… well, let’s say cryptic. Its syntax shifts as much as its physical form. In terms of gameplay, his goals are pretty direct. He loves his wither power and he gets a kick for using it and sucking away life. For the ritual, he loves physical puzzels (Rubiks cube, tangram… anything that involves spatial reasoning).

Alex Gibson

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