Jose Miguel Ramon Angelo Garcia-Johnston

Future lawyer & football enthusiast (Madmarcus)(Screwtaped by arrendek)


Cunning 2 / Patient 4
Greed 0 Espionage 4 Generosity 0 Knowledge 3

Sly 4 Open 2
Cruelty 0 cowardice 4 Courage 1 Endurance 1

Devious *0 Insightful 1
Corruption 0 Deceit 0 Nurture 1 Honesty 0

Specialty Law. Jose is still in high school but he’s a complete geek about law both as a puzzle and as a concept.

Dominator Strike (cruelty) – an unholy focused mix of words and the caws of a raven all uttered at a shattering volume, Stunning
Retrocognition (espionage)

Cloven Hooves (cunning) – actually bird feet
Wings (cunning) – sleek black raven wings


Hispanic male age 18 (Cuban/Mexican ancestry, last name comes from his Anglo grandfather)
Sophomore at Brighter Futures
Old for his grade due to being held back in elementary school – his parents moved around and his English was very poor. Once he got to Bright Futures he started doing really well as he focused on getting into a good college and becoming a lawyer. Idealistic about his ability to make it big as a lawyer and the power of the legal field. Up in the air as to whether he’s really a top notch student or just looking good because the school is weak.

Any family in the area? Yes, Mother and father; older sister

Why do you work in your current job? To succeed. Do well here to open doors at a good school. Do well there to open doors at a law school.

If you could do anything for a living, what would you do? Law. Or Futbol.

If you had super powers, what person would you be tempted to tell? Who, specifically, would you make sure to hide it from? I don’t want to tell anyone. My parents maybe but not til I was at college and out of their house. I wouldn’t want my sister to know which is part of why I’d want to keep it a secret from my parents.

If you had unlimited power, what group of people would benefit? Who would suffer under your rule? The only people that would have to worry are drug dealers.

To whom do you owe a debt? My sister kept me straight in middle school when I almost drifted in the drug scene. I owe her. I think the best way to pay her back is to become a success.

Who owes you something? What is it? The front office secretary. I ain’t a lawyer yet but the law is like a puzzle – its fun. So I helped her figure out her options during her divorce and eviction. In return she’s got my back at the school and helps me out with college stuff.

What’s your pet peeve? The non-local students. A few of them are decent but even the decent ones have taken a spot that could have gone to someone who needed it.

Are you religious? Catholic but that’s just upbringing. I’ve never really thought about it but I go every Sat. night.

Superpowers are real and you regularly hear about people who have
them. The heroes dispense justice swiftly and on their own terms. The
villains take what they want and leave a trail of destruction in their
wake. Politically, how do you feel about the super-powered? Its all crazy BS. It’s cool to dream of busting heads and cleaning things up but it’s hard to trust heroes when they aren’t acting within the law. It sounds like a Bollywood film but there should be super-cops. But you can’t even trust the cops.

You need the school to stay open. Why? I’m not getting into Columbia without it.

Jose Miguel Ramon Angelo Garcia-Johnston

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