Thomas Albertson

Ambitious educator (CraigM)(Screwtaped by Misguided)


Cunning 2* / Patient 2
Greed 3, Generosity 2
Espionage 0, Knowledge 3

Sly 1 / Open 1
Cruelty 0, Courage 0
Cowardice 0, Endurance 1

Devious 3 / Insightful 3
Corruption 3, Nurture 2
Deceit 2, Honesty 0

Specialties: Administration/ negotiation. Years working in the administration of schools has given him an ability to read situations accurately to achieve his goals.

Demon: That Which Hungers

False Memories
Psychic Objects

That Which Hungers, known more informally as T-dub, subsists on the greed and desires of mortals. He delights in coaxing them to sin in order to achieve their desires while working to make those desires ever more ambitious, and if pure intentions become corrupted into something more sinister in the process, so much the better.



Any family in the area?
Thomas recently moved to the area with his wife, who is French Canadian from Quebec. In fact they had married after college, and he moved up there with her. Recently his friend had gotten hired as district Superintendant, and so called on Thomas, who had for years worked as Principal of a charter school in Montreal. However all his other siblings, and parents, lived several states away.

Why do you work in your current job?
This was a tremendous opportunity. Though he had grown used to the poutine, it never could compare to the junk food of his home country. So when the opportunity for this promotion came along, he couldn’t say no. Now, instead of being simply principal, he was the empowered executive in charge of the whole regions charter system. Better Angels was, and is, the largest school in the system, and so as Superintendant any hope for advancement required the school to do well.

If you could do anything for a living, what would you do?
Though at one time he had desired to be the President of an Ivy League University, now he was angling more for a state government role. State Board of Education Secretary had a nice ring to it…

If you had super powers, what person would you be tempted to tell? Who, specifically, would you make sure to hide it from?
My wife is the only one I’d tell. But absolutely, unequivocally, I would want to keep this from anyone in the school, especially the parents.

If you had unlimited power, what group of people would benefit? Who would suffer under your rule?
Well while I am ambitious, I am also magnanimous (or so I like to think). I would like to think that the people I would help most would be the students, help them be their best selves.
However I reserve the deepest scorn for certain members of the local PTA associations. Meddlesome know nothing obstructionists.

To whom do you owe a debt? (Think creatively: it doesn’t just have to be money.)
The friend who is a State Senator. He stuck his neck out to bring in this expat from Canada who had never run a district, let alone a county sized one. No matter how qualified Thomas was, it was a controversial choice. Certain others wanted their own, but his friend had given him the time to earn them over.

Who owes you something? What is it?
One of the parents, local police chief no less, owed him for keeping his sons ‘misdeeds’ quiet. In fact so quiet that only Thomas, the chief, and the janitor knew what he had written that day.

What’s your pet peeve?
Know it all parents. In fact, most parents.

Are you religious?
Lapsed former baptist.

Superpowers are real and you regularly hear about people who have them. The heroes dispense justice swiftly and on their own terms. The villains take what they want and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Politically, how do you feel about the super-powered?
They were a useful motivator. An easy political cover for whatever action. So he privately loved them!

You need the school to stay open. Why?
This is my big break, my chance to move up in the world.

Thomas Albertson

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